Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

New Projects

I have a lot of this beautiful flowery vintage fabric and I also found a remnant of this grey fabric so I sewed another pouch (pic 1). I put one of my organza flowers on it and a carefully chosen bunch of buttons. Doesn't it look pretty? The other one is completely made in warm and cozy brown, red and green colors with a layered flower in the middle. The vintage green button on top of the flower has exact the same color like the flower on the fabric. The other buttons I choose are brown, rose, white and caramel.


Pattie hat gesagt…

I love these, the second one is my fave :)

StudioCalifornia hat gesagt…

thanks Pattie! Long time no hear..I hope everything is ok and hey, good luck with your business! You are such a creative person..

SonatasWelt hat gesagt…

Die Täschchen sind traumhaft schön!!!
Liebe Grüße