Samstag, 8. August 2009

RoncoThe Ice Cream Machine

Yesterday I found this beautiful Vintage Ice Cream Machine in my favorite thrift store in San Francisco. It is from 1974 and was a big ad on TV at this time. The machine is obviously unused and in like new condition. It comes with different parts and a manual. It works only with four batteries. The whole thing looks more like a storage box then an Ice Cream Machine. The manufacturer was Ronco Teleproducts Inc. His founder Ron Popeil was very famous because he invented the first infomercials on TV. You can find out more about this guy at their website. I think about to sell it in my Dawanda store but first I want to try out if it works. Maybe after that I'll better keep it. I let you know.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Cool! Die sieht ja total old school aus. Wahrscheinlich hat die sogar schon Sammlerwert! :) Lass mal hören, wenn Du sie ausprobiert hast! Bin gespannt. Du entdeckst aber auch immer Schätze.... Puschi