Sonntag, 14. Juni 2009

A new face on the scene

Today I checked out a new area where I can exercise. I took BART to Lake Merrit which is about 20 minutes away. I was there last week together with Uwe because near the lake was the reception at the gallery. The lake is just beautiful and reminds me completely of the Aussenalster in Hamburg where I was exercising over years. The lake isn't that big but for now big enough with about 5.4 kilometers around. Lake Merritt is a focal point, it stands as the jewel of Oakland, even crowned with light. A unique fresh and salt-water lake, the largest such lake located within an urban area. I needed exactly one hour around the whole lake. There were a lot of other joggers but unfortunately half of the lake shore it is a construction site and therefore crowded at some points. But I enjoyed it. After that I took BART back home and walked the rest of the way to my house up the hills. My legs hurt but I made it home and I was really exhausted. But I'm proud that I did it and will do it again next Tuesday.

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