Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

Mission almost impossible

As I wrote on May 14th. a student from my school ask if I can sew her a coin purse and a purse made out of fur that we bought at a fabric store. I sew this coin purse first and it was almost impossible to handle that fabric which was so soft and fuzzy and the long hair made it hard to keep sewing accurately. But she didn't like the purse because it was bigger than the original and it had no ears. I remember she wanted no ears but anyway I tried it again and a short time later I was really frustrated because it didn't work. I lost my patience and was angry about the mess the fur caused. So I decided to finish the project and wrote her a letter. She was sad about the flop. Meanwhile I couldn't stop thinking about it and finally started again. I did my best and tried different ways to sew the coin purse. Yesterday I finished the mission and today I gave her both purses she was waiting for. I will never forget the expression in her face when she saw both pieces. She was so excited and happy about it she nearly couldn't stop hugging me. It ended happy: The mission I thought it's almost impossible is fulfilled. (Click on the pictures to see them larger)

what a mess...
but it ended up with cute purses...
I will never make again..
or only for 1 Million Dollar :)

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